Celebrations and Events

Wedding celebrations and anniversaries, children's parties, birthdays, corporate events and other events are definitely so special and important to choose a restaurant "Oskars" for catering and event service. We have all the necessary equipment and a professional team of waiters and bartenders to serve your event both inside and outside hotel "Amrita"permises at the place and at the time of your choice. Contact us, tell us about your celebration, and we'll be happy to tell you what we have to offer. Because the special events must be celebrated!

Weddings and anniversaries

Wedding celebration is one of the most beautiful event of two loving people's lives and we are truly delighted if we can take care of the wedding celebration banquet service. We offer catering services, a drink bar, a a champagne pyramid and waiters service. Every year we serve more than 30 wedding banquets both in our premises and outside in a customer-selected place in Kurzeme region. If you choose to have a wedding banquet on the premises of the hotel "Amrita", we will offer special discounts for the newlyweds and guests at the 4-star hotel "Amrita" on the wedding night.

Celebrations and Events

Whether you're planning a corporate customer or staff event, or celebrating a private special event, it's definitely worth finding out what hotel "Amrita" and restaurant "Oskars" has to offer. We have more than 20 years of experience serving banquets both at the permises of "Amrita" and outside at the permises of client's choice. We will provide catering services, drinks and servicing.
And to make the celebration even more enjoyable, special discounts will be provided for hotel guests on the day of the event.

Children's Parties

If your junior is approaching some special celebration and you do not want to take a bunch of kids at home, we will offer one of Amrita's facilities for a children's party. The smaller halls will be suitable for smaller themed parties, but Jacob's hall will be suitable even for installation of the large inflatable attractions for children's parties! And, of course, we will offer snacks, meals and drinks that are perfect for children's parties.